Farewell, Austin (for now)


The past few weeks have been filled with “lasts.” Last happy hour with friends, last dinner with roommates, last breakfast taco in Austin (oh the humanity!), last bike ride with my biking buddies, last day of work, last night sleeping in my bed, last time to hold my dog before she goes to live with my brother (that was really the toughest one).

My sweet Lola girl

My sweet Lola girl

Its been fun, and sad, and really busy saying goodbye to five years of a life. I realize how incredibly rich I am in relationships in Austin. My going away party was filled with an assortment of friends of friends who have become my close friends, roommates, coworkers, cyclists, and other random folks I’ve picked up a long the way. I’ve made each farewell sting a bit less by tacking on “for now” to the goodbyes. I really have no idea where this adventure will take me, but as soon as I first arrived in Austin in January 2009 I knew I was home. I can’t imagine not making my way back. Also, because I’ve left behind my dog and favorite bicycle 🙂 

Now begins my farewell tour. I’ll be in New Orleans, Cincinnati, Lexington, and Kansas City. I’ll soak up all the time I can with many of my oldest and best friends and even see one of them get married. I’ll get to welcome my nephew home from navy training and play plenty of cards with my grandma. Now I can focus on getting my business really up and going and hammer down necessary details for New Zealand. Oh and fill up on tomatoes from my parents’ garden and home cooked meals. 

I’ll still keep up this blog, although the content will change significantly. You can also find my company, Bike Worldly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I’ll be posting many beautiful photos once I arrive in New Zealand in mid-September. 




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