Taking the Big Leap


DSC_0084Is it possible for your heart to feel simultaneously happy and yet so very heavy? I turned in my notice of departure at work this week so it is official whether I am ready or not. I am leaving Austin, TX on August 1st. An incredible adventure awaits.

What began as a notion to pursue my aspirations of travel writing has transformed into a truly fantastic project which will take me cycling around New Zealand and then hopefully beyond to southeast Asia and Australia for a year at least. The past few months have been a whirlwind as I have launched my own business, Bike Worldly, and begun the process of the design and development of a mobile app for cycle tourists. My mission is to collaborate with governments and organizations worldwide in order to reduce barriers toward bike tourism and commuting through enhanced mobile technology and cyclist advocacy. Go big or go home, right?

I’d hoped by now to be able to make a smashing announcement about my fully funded project and having my plan perfectly laid out and astound everyone with my genius accomplishment. The reality is that I still have many details to hammer down in a very short amount of time. I plan to spend about six weeks with friends and family after leaving Austin and arrive in Auckland, New Zealand in mid-September. In the meantime, I’m a firestorm of contradictory feelings. I’m elated and exhausted, thrilled and saddened, confident and overwhelmed.

In spite of the conflicting emotions I do not feel any apprehension over this being the right choice for me. As crazy as it seems to abandon my wonderful life in Austin and trek to the other side of the world by myself I just know that this is the path that I’m supposed to take. I can see I actually began this journey years ago and now it is just time for me to take the big leap and fully pursue my passions of cycling and writing. I’ve no doubt it will be one wild ride. Stay tuned 🙂



14 thoughts on “Taking the Big Leap

  1. David Plaut

    Renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow said, “To venture causes anxiety, not to venture is to lose oneself.” Congratulations on this fantastic ad-venture!

  2. Jason

    I am so proud of you for following you spirit. And it’s not that it’s not all perfectly laid out at the beginning. Maybe perfection is that the whole plan shouldn’t be laid out in advance. Your journey—much like a bike ride—begins with flexibility that will allow you to veer off path—where you often make the greatest and most fulfilling discoveries. I’m looking forward to following your adventure. Godspeed and be safe out there as you live life to the fullest and chase your passion.

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