Cups n’ Crowns

Strava segments

Strava segments

Any other cyclists or runners out there hooked on Strava? If you haven’t heard of it, Strava is a free app which measures your speed and distance while cycling and running. There are also predetermined segments where you are ranked against any other Strava cyclist/runner who has done that segment at any time. You get awards for setting a PR and moving up in the rankings. The awards are really just little icons of medals, trophies, and crowns. But, to a highly competitive type A individual they might as well be real gold. It is absurd how much pleasure I glean after every ride with seeing the various medals I’ve racked up. Seriously, it is the equivalent of receiving gold stars in elementary school and my overachieving school-girl inner self just cannot get enough. My regular cycling buddies have dubbed me, “Cups n’ Crowns.” That’s because I download the ride during our post ride beers and then holler out “look at these cups and crowns!” and commence dancing in my chair and bragging about all of the new awards I’ve stockpiled for my virtual trophy case. Last week I locked down four of the most coveted trophies, the Queen of the Mountain, (or King of the Mountain for the fellas). I was beside myself with glee. Seriously, I have a problem.

Look who is QOM x 4!

Look who is QOM x 4!

Unfortunately, I have to take a little break from stuffing my trophy case. I visited a sports medicine doctor this week as my Achilles is still causing me some nagging pain. He recommended that I not push it so hard and ride so fast. Instead I’m focusing on stretching and easy riding. But, if you are game for some friendly competition you should really check out the Strava app and get your friends to join in. It is not only a lot of fun and a great way to earn some bragging rights, it is also incredibly useful for measuring your improvement over time. You can even link it to your Instagram account and post of photo from your ride. Have I mentioned this is my very favorite app in the whole world?

Measure your speed and distance

Measure your speed and distance

P.S. In no way have I received any compensation from Strava for this post. I just really, really love the app πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Cups n’ Crowns

  1. My cycling group does Strava, so i upload my garmin info onto it–but I’ve not really gotten into it as much as you have. I may have to go explore it some more!

    • It is fun! And I didn’t mention how I also like how you can give kudos and comment on rides. I wasn’t using any tracking prior to strava so it will opened a new world for me πŸ™‚

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