Relaxation is Really Stressing Me Out


I’m the person who goes to get a massage and the masseuse spends the entire time begging me to quit being so tense. My shoulders are perpetually knotted up at my ears, much to the continued dismay of my Pilates instructor. Relaxing just really stresses me out. I realize that the act of rest is therapeutic for body and soul, but it just causes me loads of anxiety. So you can imagine my horror when I realized I was going to have to “take it easy” this weekend to nurse an injured Achilles tendon.

It turns out that my saddle may have been too high and after two long cycling days during the MS 150 last weekend I wound up with a sore and swollen Achilles. It hurts somewhat to walk and it certainly hurts to peddle. Instead of heading out on an 80+ mile ride Saturday with all my cycle buddies I had to find new ways to enjoy the perfect spring bike riding weather. I have really missed swimming so I hit Barton Springs early Saturday morning for my first mile swim of the year.

ImageThe pool was calm, cool, and…relaxing! The cold water worked wonders on all of my sore and tired muscles. I was amazed at how easily, albeit slowly, I finished a mile even though I only hit the pool a couple of times this past winter. I even returned early Sunday morning for an Easter half mile. Open water swimming is such a beautiful way to start out the day.

I also tried out a Saturday afternoon Pilates class so that my instructor could continue her tireless prompting for me to roll my shoulders down away from my ears. I iced my ankle and worked on my crochet, caught up on my sitcoms, updated my iphone and apps to the latest versions, and did my best not to obsessively check my Strava to see how much fun everyone else was having on their bikes. I should also clarify that I was still riding my commuter bike around town. I just wasn’t out on my new racing bike being all speedy, climbing hills, and logging miles.

After a weekend of “rest” my Achilles still feels very much the same. I might go insane if I don’t get out for some fast riding this week and I really have my heart set on doing a century ride this coming weekend. Sigh. Any suggestions for Achilles pain relief are appreciated. I fear that I will have to attempt a practice even more distressing than relaxation…patience, that is.


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