Good news, Bad news


I’ve been keeping a secret from those of you in my blogiverse. I’ve been riding around on a beautifully badass carbon bike for a couple of weeks now. I bought that Ridley Asteria frame I’ve been coveting for a while now and then moved the components from by old bike, Roxy, onto it. The name of my darling frankenbike is Jasmine.

Hello Jasmine!

Hello Jasmine!

My reasoning behind my shroud of secrecy boils down to pure vanity. I wanted to get new handlebar tape before her big unveiling. I’ve had a glorious time riding around in the meantime. She’s speedy and sexy. My Strava has been PR central since I got her. That’s the good news.

The bad news happened on Saturday. I finally got a good, professional fit on the bike so I felt ready to take her out on a nice long 75 mile ride. I set off in the drizzly, cold weather to bike 10 miles to meet my team for the MS 150, Team Mighty Fine. I was also stoked because I haven’t been able to ride with those guys and the MS 150 is now just a little over on month away (Yikes!) We set off to do the Dam Loop which is a 63 mile route with a fair amount of climbing.


I’m the shorty in the lineup!
Photo by Kevin Klossner

I was cruising along and feeling pretty awesome until about 10 miles into the route when my chain just locked up and I suddenly couldn’t pedal. I hopped off and some friends stopped to help me inspect. It appears a spring broke inside my derailleur. I was incredibly grateful that I wasn’t alone out there on the road. A teammate called his wife who was gracious enough to come get me and give me a ride home. So my 75 mile ride turned into 20 and now my beautiful new bike is in the shop awaiting a new part. Bummer, summer 😦 On the upside, she will also be getting her new bar tape while she’s in the shop. More pics and tales of our adventures to come!


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