Happy Galentine’s Day!


I’ve never been the sentimental type. I think red roses are boring and diamonds are overrated. So, no, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s day. Having spent most of my Valentine’s Days as a single lady, this holiday just doesn’t resonate with me as a particularly romantic occasion. This year I have a special guy in my life, but he will be working to make other people’s Valentine’s evening a  delightful culinary experience and that is fine by me. I’m really pretty excited about spending my Valentine’s evening with Kevin Spacey.


House of Cards Valentine courtesy Mashable

My real problem with Valentine’s Day is that it leads many people to the unfortunate conclusion that because they do not have romantic love in their life they are lacking or unfulfilled. I have spent many a memorable Valentine’s day with some amazing gals in my life. There was the time I threw a Galentine’s party complete with chocolate covered strawberries and wine. We all jumped into the outdoor hot tub at my apartment complex only to find out it was broken and freezing cold. Then there was the unforgettable Valentine’s when my best friend’s dog became stuck between the metal bars around my patio. We had to call 911 and five hot firefighters showed up with the jaws of life to pry him out. True story. They tied a pink ribbon on the bars to mark where the now infamous incident went down.


Something definitely went down here

I feel that my life is incredibly rich with friendships with so many awesome women. I would say that if you are feeling a bit down on this Valentines day, otherwise known as Single Awareness Day, take some time out to reflect on all the beautiful platonic love that you have in your life. To all the wonderful women in my life who bring me much inspiration, laughter, and wonderful memories – Happy Galentine’s Day!



2 thoughts on “Happy Galentine’s Day!

  1. Carolyn

    Happy Galentine’s Day to you friend. Fun memories to be sure! That poor girl thought we were hazing her with the freezing hot tub. Lol

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