What I’m Eating


This year I’ve been thinking a lot more about where my food comes from and what is in it. I’ve tried to buy local meat, eggs, and produce as often as possible and I’ve been reading labels to avoid as many of the unpronounceable ingredients as possible.  But, once I’m in the saddle for a long ride it seems like I’m at the mercy of the junk food on the shelves at the convenience store or whatever is offered at the pit stop. I don’t eat that kind of food when I’m just sitting around the house so why should I subject my body to it when I’m actually depending on the fuel to get me from point A to point B? Sure, I can stuff some PB&J’s in my jersey, but that gets old.

Cue the most awesome cookbook I’ve come across in years (maybe ever):


They have a blog!http://feedzonecookbook.com/portables/

I got turned on to this cookbook after trying a fellow cyclist’s rice cakes on my last century ride.

Photo from Feed Zone Portables

Photo from Feed Zone Portables

These aren’t your mother’s rice cakes. These are fresh and packed with flavor. You just wrap them up in foil. They’re about the size of a small burrito and you can fit several in your jersey pockets. The one I had was made with sticky rice, egg, soy sauce and bacon. They’re about 250 calories and are a perfect mix of carbs, protein, and sodium. I tried my hand at making the same recipe for my next long ride. They were a life saver as there was little to no food at the rest stops despite it being advertised as a fully supported ride. Seriously, one stop just had tootsie rolls and water. I would have been one very hangry cyclist if I didn’t have a couple of rice cakes stuffed in my jersey.

If you’re not big on rice, don’t worry. This book has plenty more to entice your amped up appetite – including handheld french toast, cookies, and mini-frittatas. There are so many recipes that I can’t wait to try. Although these recipes are geared to endurance athletes I think that they would be appealing to any one who is on the go and doesn’t want to rely on fast food and unhealthy snacks to get them through a long day.


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