What to Wear


You know you have gone overboard as an amateur athlete when two of your four dresser drawers are filled with spandex. One is for tops and the other is for bottoms. Did you know that spandex is an anagram of the word expands? I’ve also learned not all spandex is created equal. Here are a few of my tried and trues. These will mostly be of interest to the ladies as I have not tried any men’s athletic wear.

Skirt Sports:

I get stopped on the running trail and complimented or questioned about my running/cycling skirts almost every time a wear them, which is all the time. I love them because I can go from a work out to a happy hour and not feel out of place. They’re also very well made. I bought my first running skirt to wear in my first full marathon in 2010. I still wear it one to two times a week and it is in great condition. I now own several in a variety of fun patterns and styles.  They have side pockets for a Gu or an ipod. The skirt sport tops are also very cute and functional. I love the back zipper pockets. I can fit my phone, food,  and wallet in it. I’ve also worn the skirt sport tri bottoms for several sprint and Olympic distance triathlon. While I don’t consider them to be top of the line tri wear, they are comfortable and hold up very well. Skirt Sports tops and bottoms aren’t cheap. They run $60-$75 each. But, I get their emails and watch closely for the 50% off sales.


I bought my first pair of cycling bibs the night before my first century ride. Generally, it would not be wise to wear brand new, untested clothing on a hundred mile bike ride, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made for that ride. I had avoided bibs in the past because, lets face it, they look kind of hokey and they make using a port-a-potty event more cumbersome. But, the Pissei (Piss-eh) bibs were not only comfortable, they are the most flattering cycling clothes I own. I’ve tried the high end Pearl Izumi and LG cycling shorts and they just did not seem like they were worth the $120+ dollars.  My biggest complaints with cycling shorts are awkward padding and too tight elastic around the waist/thighs. Every part of my bibs feel and look just right. Plus, they have darling hearts on them! For the gentlemen – I know several guys who wear these and love them. I bought my Pissei from a dealer I know at the race expo and to be honest I wasn’t able to navigate the website to figure out how to purchase them online. But, perhaps a phone call to the company could point you to a dealer in your area. Or if you’re really interested I can introduce you to my guy. These are some really fantastic knickers, I promise.

Have a safe and fashionable ride, friends!


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