All the Cool Kids are Doing It

The bike gang at the top of the Man Maker

The bike gang at the top of the Man Maker

I set out on Sunday to ride 65 miles in the Livestrong Challenge, but wound up doing a century ride. Why? Peer pressure. It is a serious thing, people.

I had planned on the shorter route because I had not been on my road bike in two weeks and to avoid a monster of a hill at mile 50 on the 100 mile route. But, when I got to the start line I saw a bunch of my riding buddies and everyone was doing the 100 mile ride. I figured riding 100 miles with friends would be way better than 65 miles alone. I was right. The weather was perfect for a long ride and I couldn’t have asked for better company. Being able to pace with a group made the ride so much easier than the century ride I rode solo back in August.

Proof that I didn't draft the whole time

Proof that I didn’t draft the whole time

I am not ashamed to admit that the hill dubbed “the man maker” did not make a man of me. It has a 13.3% average grade and max grades of 17%. I knew that even if by some act of God I did make it to the top on my bike my legs would be dead for the last 50 miles. So I walked along with most of the other riders. It was a tough hill to walk up, too!

My favorite part of the ride was tearing up the last 10 miles back into downtown Austin and to the finish line. I felt strong throughout the entire ride. A guy in my group even called me a beast. What a nice compliment 🙂

Loving the Ride!

Loving the Ride!


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