Very Floral Victoria


20130828-092613.jpgAfter our adventures in Vancouver my roommate and I ferried over to Vancouver Island to visit Victoria. Well, just getting to the ferry was an adventure in itself, but all spare you all the details of our harrowing trip. Just know that if you ever decide to take the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria you should plan to spend a lot of time, energy, and stress doing it. But, it is worth it! Victoria was just gorgeous. It was quite a bit cooler than Vancouver while we were there, so we had to get adjusted to wearing sweaters and jackets in August.20130828-092604.jpg

We didn’t have very much time in Victoria so our main priority was to check out Butchart Gardens. Everyone who has visited Victoria recommended it to me. I’ll just let you see why for yourself.

Vancouver Island is a big destination for cyclists and apparently a popular ride is from Victoria to Butchart gardens and back. It is a little over 30 miles. My roommate and I decided to put our bikes on the public bus and then bike back from the gardens. We got some information from the bike shop on the route and it seemed pretty simple. First we stopped off at a winery on the way.

Getting to the bike path from the main road turned out to not be quite as simple as we had thought. We wound up on the side of a six lane freeway that we had to cross without a light and then it started raining. I’m not sure if we just missed the proper turn off or what happened, but it was a bit stressful finding the cycling path. It was smooth sailing once we did, though, and I enjoyed the light rain along the way. If I had more time I would have ridden more around the island. There seemed to be many great cycling routes and the scenery was just pristine.


3 thoughts on “Very Floral Victoria

  1. Hardest part about cycling in a new area: finding the right way to the paths! I feel your pain. I’ve had similar problems. I always look for the bike shop. LOL

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