Beautiful Vancouver


20130810-113809.jpgI’ve been so busy since returning from my trip that I haven’t gotten to share what I did after running my half marathon. Even though I felt nearly crippled with soreness after the race I couldn’t just sit around. The next day we went to Whistler and rode on a gondola between two mountain peaks. It was just breathtaking. We almost didn’t pay the $50 for the ride, but it was worth every penny.

The following day my roommate and I took advantage of free bikes at our hotel and rode around Stanley park. I jumped in the cold ocean water to try to ease my sore leg muscles. The water was around 63 degrees so I looked absurd out there in my bikini. But, I swear it felt great!


Then we got the bright idea to take our bikes to the Capilano suspension bridge. The ride really wasn’t that far, but the bikes we were riding were really only intended for seawall cruising. Still, the suspension bridge park was really cool. I thought I would be a little more afraid of the heights, but once you are on the bridge it really isn’t that bad. I had never thought about this part of North America being a rainforest. As you can see, there are some amazing trees.

On our last day in Vancouver we hit the ground running with a short jog to Kitsilano pool. I loved this pool! It was so beautiful and relaxing. The saltwater was really just the right temperature and the laps felt great.


I really wasn’t prepared for all the beauty in Vancouver. It is one of my favorite cities that I’ve visited. Vancouver is also a fantastic cycling city. It is obvious that bike commuting is part of the city’s transportation infrastructure. Sometimes I feel that Austin has such a long way to go before cycling is an accepted form of daily transportation. But, I learned from a man who had lived in the city for 30 years that Vancouver hadn’t really invested a lot in becoming a cycling city until about 7 years ago when it was made a priority by the city’s leaders. This year the city is adding 30 more miles of bike lanes. I would love to make a trip back to Vancouver for a lot more riding.


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