Stick a Fork in me


I’m done. Finished training for my half marathon in Vancouver coming up on August 10th, that is. And it feels pretty dang good. I woke up this morning to overcast skies after a stormy night last night. I was hoping that the grey skies I saw out my window would translate to cool, breezy weather. Instead I got wet-blanket humidity. The cloud cover was a blessing, though, for my 10 mile run.


It is just about two miles from my house to the east side of Town Lake. I took my dog, Lola, out for the first mile and dropped her back off at the house. The humidity really gets to her. Then, I ran down and made a big loop around the lake before heading back home.  Lola accompanied me again for the last mile. Even with the humidity I was surprised at how good I felt. I think doing some yoga earlier in the week and doing low impact workouts in the past couple of days helped my legs feel energized and stronger as I ran. I kept a 9:45 minute/mile pace. I’d like to shave about 45 seconds off that time, but in this weather I’m happy just to pound out the miles. The weather on race day will be vastly different since the average temperature in Vancouver is around 60 degrees (Fahrenheit). I’m very excited about the trip as I will get to spend five days in Vancouver, two days in Victoria, and two days in Seattle.  Next up on the training agenda is preparing for my first century ride, the Hotter than Hell 100, which will take place just five days after I return from my trip. Guess I better get my butt on my bike! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Stick a Fork in me

  1. Good luck on your half which I’m guessing is the seawheeze. Vancouver can be a great place to run in the summer – but the average temp in August isn’t 60. It can vary from probably 65 on a cold, wet day to mid 80s with humidity. We’ve had a beautiful summer so far. Nothing but sun in July with temps usually in the high 70s/low 80s. It’s been spectacular training weather. Try to get a swim in at Kitsilano Pool or “KIts Pool” as it’s known to the locals. It’s a 130m outdoor pool by the ocean – it’s a gem. Hit it at 7 am on a weekday or when it opens on the weekend to avoid the crowds. Awesome for doing laps. Hope you enjoy your stay up here.

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