Found my running Mojo!


I found my running Mojo last week. Turns out it was hiding in San Francisco. I’ve been wanting to check out the city for a long time so I decided to take advantage of a long 4th of July holiday weekend and make the trip. It turned out to be a perfect time to go because it offered me a much needed respite from the terrible Texas heat. Although, according to my new San Francisco friends, it was actually borderline unbearably hot there. As you can see, I did not agree.


Summer in SF?

Since I’ve had so much trouble getting up the gumption to run in Texas I decided my trip to SF would be a great opportunity to get in a few miles. A new friend and fellow Kentucky girl whom I met up with on the first day of my trip suggested I try the trails at Golden Gate Park. I was staying in the Mission so the park was a bit of a hike using public transportation, but it was well worth the trip.

I set off on a cool, overcast morning and arrived at the park around 9:00 am. I couldn’t have asked for better running weather or scenery. The park is just beautiful and provided plenty of distraction for my seven mile run. I admit, my pace was a little slower since I kept stopping to snap photos. Still, it was the longest run since my half-marathon back in March and I was feeling pretty good.

I ended my run at the Conservatory of Flowers. This place was awesome! I spent the next hour or so nerding out on all the amazing flowers and plants. I highly recommend this place if you are visiting San Francisco, or even if you live there and haven’t checked it out yet. It was only $7.00 and included a free tour with a very quirky tour guide. I feel like quirkiness must be a requirement when applying for tour guide positions.

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3 thoughts on “Found my running Mojo!

  1. Emily

    AGREED — Coastal Californians have it made! I’ve run my only two marathons along the coast (Half Moon Bay and Big Sur), and running was SO MUCH EASIER than my Texas training in Spring/Summer. Keep on keeping on!

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