Being Sexy, Fast, and Respectful


Freshly bathed Roxy

I’ve been keeping a secret from you. I got new, fancy wheels for my racing bike Roxy. Pretty sexy, huh? They’re the Easton EA90 wheels. I bought them a few weekends ago and I never thought I’d spend nearly as much as what I paid for my bike on a set of wheels. Yikes. But, they were on sale plus I got 30% back into my team membership account which came out to about $250. If you’re actually doing the math I should tell you that I also purchased the Continental gatorskin tires. There’s just no sense in rolling around on luxury wheels with economy tires. People keep asking me if I’m faster now.

Well, I think they might make me more efficient and thus increase my speed. But most importantly they are sexy and make me feel faster. And feeling sexy and faster might just translate into actually moving at a quicker pace. We shall see πŸ™‚

Now I would like to share with you just a little something that I need to get off my chest. Last night I went to a free outdoor concert series in Austin called Blues on the Green. It’s aΒ  bi-weekly summer event where you can bring some food and drinks and sit out on the lawn at the park with a few hundred thousand of your closest friends and hear some good, live music. Last night we happened to plop our blanket down in the nearby vicinity to a young couple and their 4 or 5 year old son. Unfortunately, this couple had apparently just crawled out of a hole some where and didn’t know how to chill out and enjoy a concert with other folks. They let us know that they did not appreciate that we had chosen a spot in front of them, which was confusing as we were all very far in the back and they were the ones sitting in chairs. We decided that maybe this was their first time at this event, or perhaps outside of Wal-mart for that matter, so we tried to inform them that many more people were on their way and that you just really can’t claim an acre of real estate around you. But, they chose to respond to that by calling us names and offering us a chance to fight. Perhaps I shouldn’t have taken this moment to remind them that the park is smoke free, but I did. And that’s when the woman decided to call me a few choice names that are never nice things to call a woman. Then she got real personal and took aim at my “fat thighs.” Really, lady? Come on, it is rough enough out there with all of society picking on our bodies. Do we women really have to target each other too? So I did tell her that my thighs were not actually so fat. In fact, they became bigger from cycling. Then I swallowed all of my feisty feelings and told them that maybe we should all just try to share the space and coexist harmoniously. I believe those words were lost on them or had too many syllables, but it seemed to shut them up. They actually left before the show began.

But, all of this transpired in front of the couple’s little boy and I just can’t stop thinking about how sorry I feel for the woman and her son. Obviously, this woman lives a life in which no one speaks to her with kindness and respect. Now she is spreading her own messages of hate in front of her child. This is where woman hating begins.

In retrospect I just wish I could have had a real conversation with the woman about how much of an impact her interactions with other women will have on her son and the way he will interact with women as an adult. When she calls me the C-word and fat she is showing him that’s the way I deserve to be treated because I am female. I wish that all women everywhere could get together and agree on just one thing – that we’re not going to attack each other and tear each other down just for being women. If we can’t respect ourselves and each other how can we expect men to respect us? Maybe if we start valuing each other as women and lifting up and encouraging other women the male population as a whole will have no choice but to do the same. I think the next time I find myself in this type of situation I will try to share this message with that person. It may fall on deaf ears, but at least I will be able to stand tall on my big thighs and know I did the right thing πŸ™‚ That’s the end of my rant. Safe riding, friends.


5 thoughts on “Being Sexy, Fast, and Respectful

  1. I understand your rant, but not necessarily your conclusion. My mother consistently accused my father of hating women. I don’t have an opinion on that at all, nor do I care – but I do strive, on a daily basis, to live my wife better than my dad did my mother. I am not locked into acting like my father because of my upbringing. Conversely, he just showed me how not to treat my wife. In the end, I’m not a jackass because I choose not to be – though I should look at the bright side, by conventional thinking I could be a jerk and have a perfect excuse, eh? Nah. I’m not saying all men are awesome like me, just that we’re not all so dumb that we can’t overcome a bad parent or two. πŸ˜‰

    • Correct. People can overcome circumstances. I completely agree. My mom grew up in a terrible and abusive household and she is an awesome woman. But just as an outsider imagining repercussions I see how easily men who hate and abuse women are made. My main point is to encourage women to do better and to lift each other up. Hell, we could all do a bit more of that no matter what gender. And kudos to you for overcoming.

      • Yeah, I’m going to choose to let this all lie where it does. I’m sorry for your experience and wish both you and that little boy all of the joy and happiness I wish for myself. Have an awesome weekend.

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