Running and Whining


ImageWhat was I thinking signing up for a half marathon in August? Sure the average temperature in Vancouver in August is 63 degrees (Fahrenheit), but that means nothing when you have to do your training in Texas in the hot summer months. This morning I woke up early to put in a few miles before work. I’ve hardly run at all since my last half marathon in late March. I ran the first mile with my dog then dropped her off at the house. After another mile and half I was ready to call it quits. Even if you make it out early to avoid the brutal heat, the humidity is so stifling it is truly unbearable. Now is the time for all you readers living in the Midwest who had to endure my weather bragging all winter to tell me I had it coming. It’s true, I shouldn’t gloat in the winter months. Summer serves up some sweet, sticky revenge.

I managed to push through to four miles, but it was slow, and I was drenched in sweat, and I hated every minute. Boo hoo.


10 thoughts on “Running and Whining

  1. Running in the heat is tricky – it’s an acquired taste. I love it but there’s a trick to it… I have to work myself up to it. Once I find my zone I can easily run 10-13. I just make sure to carry a bottle of water or two for anything over six. Good luck.

  2. Good for you, kicking through that Nasty Texas Heat and Humidity (yes, it deserves CAPS). Have you ever done the Danskin (now Iron Girls) Triathlon in Austin? Or know anyone who has? If so, would you recommend it, or is it too miserable?

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