Rainy Day Running


I hope you had a great Memorial Weekend! The Memorial holiday weekend is apparently historically the rainiest in Central Texas and this year did not disappoint. It began pouring on Friday. I haven’t been able to go on a long bike ride in a few weeks due to some other  commitments so I was really looking forward to my shop ride on Saturday. I woke up at 6:45am Saturday morning only to hear a strange sound. Did a pipe burst? Why do I hear running water? I opened my back door and discovered it was raining FOR THE SECOND DAY IN A ROW. I put that in all caps to indicate my complete shock. I’ve lived in Austin for four years now and it has rained two consecutive days maybe one other time. The rain had slowed from a monsoon to a steady drizzle so while it made for some less than ideal riding weather it was actually a good morning for a run. So first I went back to bed for a few hours, because I can’t resist a good snooze on a rainy day, then I set out on a 2.5 mile run to the gym for a spin class.

I live the exact same distance from my gym now as I did at my old apartment, but it never occurred to me before to run to a work out class. I suspect this is because I would have had to run down a busy road and then straight back uphill after working out. This time I ran downtown and across the ever infamous Dirty 6th street from east Austin to west Austin. It was fun to cut across downtown on a rainy Saturday morning. I had the sidewalk to myself pretty much the whole way.

After Spin I took off for home. My run was a little slower because I got my butt kicked in class and because I have a thing against wet socks so I neglected to wear them on my run. I don’t like to put on socks during my triathlons anyways so I try to get my feet as used to running sans socks as possible. I really should just quit torturing myself and invest in some body glide. Instead I’ve got some pretty gnarly blisters to show for my 5 miles round trip run.

About halfway home I was lured into a farmers market by a bluegrass band playing underneath a tent. I wished a had a camera to take a picture of everyone out enjoying the warm, rainy weather listening to music and shopping for local produce and goodies. I really need to hit the Republic Square Park Farmers market more often.You can find everything there. I’m not going to lie, I gorged myself on free samples and had to slowly jog the rest of the way home.

I wished I could have made it out to cheer on my friends and the Wounded Warrior participants in the CapTex Tri on Monday, but I actually opted to work. Great job to all of those who took part!


2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Running

    • Megan Janicke

      Thanks! I do love the Farmer’s markets in town. I’ve been going to HOPE on Sundays as well. So much good food!

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