Hoardin’ and Haulin’


My usual training routine fell to the wayside recently as I became entrenched in the harrowing adventure of packing up and moving all my junk across town. Seriously, how did I acquire all this stuff? I moved to Texas just a little more than four years ago with only what I could pack into my car. Now I’ve got truckloads of god-knows-what (clothes and shoes) to schlep to a new zip code. To top it off, my movers didn’t even bother to show up. Someone must have tipped them off about my hoarding. But, I did manage to get moved somehow and life in the new house is wonderful.

This morning I biked to work from the house for the first time. It was a lovely four mile ride. My old route I started out on a pretty dangerous three mile stretch of roadway to downtown. The road was jammed back every morning with hurried and sometimes angry drivers. Now I bike along neighborhood streets and cross the interstate to the northeast part of UT campus. Traffic this morning was very light and calm. There are bike lanes the whole way and drivers don’t seemed to be so shocked to see me as there are many other cyclists around the campus area. The ride was just long enough to wake me up, but not so long that I will dread it on cold mornings.

My first bike trip to the grocery went a little less smoothly. The only thing I believe I will miss about my old apartment is the little Sprouts grocery store in the shopping center around the corner. It was just the right size for quick trips and had everything I needed for fresh meals. Plus, the workers would come out to pet my dog while I shopped.

There is an HEB grocery about three miles away from my new house. After shopping for the last couple of years in a small neighborhood grocery, the HEB feels like a super Wal-Mart. I was completely disoriented and overstimulated by all the options and the crowd of shoppers. But, the real problem occurred as I trekked back home with my two bags of groceries using my new bike accessories. I bought an inexpensive Transit bike cargo rack from Performance Bikes and a more expensive market basket at REI. The result was a near disaster. The basket does not clip to the rack securely and would have slid off on my ride home if I hadn’t had decided on a whim to strap it on. For the money I spent on the basket I am very disappointed in the design.

So now it is back to square one. The manager at the Performance bike shop suggested I employ the tried and true bungee cord and crate method. But must I sacrifice fashion in the name of function? Thoughts and suggestions welcomed.


4 thoughts on “Hoardin’ and Haulin’

  1. Reading your posts make me really want to get into the cycling. I went mountain biking this weekend and got scratched up pretty badly. That’s not for me. But road riding could definitely be my thing. I really enjoy your blog.

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