Change is in the Air


Central Texas was slapped with a bit of chilly weather overnight. Temperatures dropped from 80 degrees Fahrenheit to around 40 which made for a brisk ride to work this morning. It was a little strange to dig my cold weather gear back out again. Texas seems to typically skip spring and go straight from winter to summer. It is kind of nice to have this transitional time before the heat gets cranked up from warm to super-ridiculously-hot. This weather feels much like my life right now. I’ve got a few changes in the air.

The major thing is that I am moving to an entirely new zip code. My roommate and I currently live in South Austin and we have just rented a house in East Austin. My work commute will be cut in half from eight miles each way to just four miles each way.

I am really looking forward to a whole new neighborhood to explore. The house is walking distance to a yoga studio and some neighborhood parks. I will also be able to walk and bike ride to a ton of trendy restaurants and bars. But, while the new ‘hood is full of fun places to eat and drink it is lacking in a good neighborhood grocery. Right now I live directly behind a Sprouts grocery store. I walk my dog there a couple times a week to get all of the food I need. I can also walk a little further to a Target if I need any personal items.

I have mapped out a couple of shopping options in the East Austin area. There is an HEB at a shopping center that is just under three miles away from the house. I can stop at Central Market on my way home from work and carry groceries for just under four miles. I will also be about one mile from a weekend farmer’s market.

Naturally, this means purchasing some new accessories for my commuter bike. I’ve been doing some research on some good panniers for lugging groceries. So far, it seems the Novara panniers from REI have gotten the best reviews. If you have any tips/suggestions for panniers and hauling things by bike please share. For now I am trying to keep in mind that while it is more fun to shop online for panniers and bike around the new neighborhood I really need to stay home and pack. That, of course, is the real downside to moving.


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