Weekend Swimming, Cycling, and Farming (sort of)


I realized the other day that lately my blogs have become more “weekend recaps” than anything else. It isn’t that I don’t have anything to write about through the week, but it is just that no one would really want to read about my weekday routines. I like a lot of structure in my life, so I basically do the same things each week. I do a weightlifting class, core class, spin class, run, swim, and bike commute. I might mix in a happy hour with friends to break things up, but otherwise each Monday through Friday looks the same. My weekends are a different story. Weekends are for trying new things and pushing myself longer and harder. This past weekend was no exception.

Saturday morning started out with my first Barton Springs swim of the season. The pool, which is filled by a natural spring, was closed for most of the winter for a good cleaning. Now it has reopened and is scrubbed down and sparkly. It is full of underwater plants and big fish and turtles. The water stays at a crisp 68 degrees (Fahrenheit) throughout the year. It is wonderfully rejuvenating for sore and tired muscles. Barton Springs
I biked over and two of my friends met me at the pool. We swam 3/4 of a mile. Then, we did a short 30 minute jog with a bit of hill work.  After a short smoothie break I biked to my local YMCA for a 40 minute swim stroke clinic. We practiced flip turns, which is something I haven’t been brave enough to try out on my own. After stopping back by Barton Springs for a few minutes to work on filling in my shorts tan I biked back home. Quite a busy morning!

The adventures continued on Sunday when I tried out a new shop ride. I joined the Bicycle Sport Shop Triathlon club months ago and had yet to do anything with them besides pick up my jersey. However, just as I was leaving the house I decided to air up my tires and broke the valve on my rear tube. The tire completely deflated and the tube was ruined. I knew I couldn’t change it in enough time to make it to the ride so I threw on my sneakers and borrowed my roommate’s road bike. The ride took us on an extremely hilly route that was very unforgiving of the fact that I am not familiar with the gears on my roommates bike. The chain slipped on the first big hill and I fell behind. The guy who was sweeping stopped to help. Unfortunately. he didn’t know the route. We wound up making the same mistake that I have made on this same route last year. Instead of taking a side road around the mountain (past Lance Armstrong’s house) we turned on Mt. Bonnell road and biked straight up the mountain. At 1.10 miles up the hill the elevation peaks at 740 feet. It was brutal. We wound up cutting the mileage short at just under 26 miles to get back home at a decent time. I didn’t get the miles in that I was hoping for, but the 853 ft elevation gain sure gave me a good workout.

After a little stretching and some play time with my dog I swapped out my spandex for a sundress and jumped back on my bike for the East Austin Urban Farm tour. This is one of my favorite things I’ve done in Austin so far. It was so neat to see the organic and sustainable farming being done right inside the city. We visited four farms and each had a unique personality. Some of the best restaurants in town set up booths to showcase their foods made with local ingredients. It was a perfect Sunday!


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