How to Run a Bad Race


I tested out these methods on my 10K race this past weekend and found them to be true. You’re welcome!

1. In the 48 hours prior to the race run a 10K and bike 45 miles. Don’t bother stretching after.

2. Definitely do not foam roll.

3. Gorge yourself on chocolate cake the night before and wash it down with vodka.

4. Repeat.

5. Be sure not to get any sleep the night before the race.

I was pretty excited about running the Statesman Capitol 10,000 on Sunday because it is a huge race in Austin and I somehow manage to be out of town and miss it every year. I jumped at the chance to enter this year even though I knew it was my roommate’s birthday weekend and we were going to have a lot going on. I figured it would at least be a good way to force myself to put some miles in after the half marathon.

Start line of the Capitol 10,000

Start line of the Capitol 10,000

But, then the weekend kind of got away from me. In my usual fashion, I completely over committed myself and ran around like crazy all weekend. I ran 6.5 miles with a friend around Town Lake on Friday before work. After work I met some friends for happy hour (s). I managed to get home at a decent hour and work up Saturday morning for a 45 mile ride to Kyle, TX with bike shop. The ride took a l little longer than expected because a girl in the group was hit by a car that did not yield to her when the cyclist had the right of way. I didn’t see it happen. She was very shaken up, but fortunately not hurt. We stayed with her and the driver until a cop came and wrote the driver a ticket. By the time I got home I had just a couple of hours to recover and clean up before our guests arrived. We had 4 girls staying in our apartment for my roommate’s birthday weekend. That night we had a picnic at Austin’s Outdoor Room. If you live in Austin and you haven’t checked this spot out, you should. It looks like this:

outdoor room

Photo courtesy: Drema Goulder Quinn

It is a great place to share some food, wine, and play some Cards Against Humanity. We even had a hula hoop contest.

I paid for all the playtime on Sunday with a pretty miserable run. I was sore, tired, and grumpy. It is a pretty hilly course and I walked most of the hills. I spent more than half the race trying to talk myself out of dropping out. When I wasn’t doing that I was regretting this cake, which was just delightful the night before.

Photo courtesy: Drema Goulder Quinn

I stuck with it, though, and finished in 1:08:00 with an 11 minute mile pace.

Afterwards a friend was nice enough to give me and my bike a ride home so that I did not have to pedal back uphill. I rushed to get ready in time to meet up for my  roommate’s birthday wine bus tour. A group of 24 of us took a party bus to Fredericksburg, TX and visited three wineries. It was a gorgeous day and a fantastic time for everyone. I’m still pretty exhausted from all the running around I did this weekend. I supposed I have a few days to rest up before the weekend rolls around again.



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