On the Road Again


I’m trying to remember when I last clipped in and hit the road for a nice long ride. Has it even been this year? Geez. It seems like I was training forever for that half marathon! On Saturday, I was back on the road again with my local bike shop ride. We road from South Austin to Kyle, TX and back for a distance of 45 miles. It was lovely. I’m savoring these days of overcast skies and sixty degree temperatures. I kind of wondered how I would feel since I’ve not ridden over 20 miles in months. I actually felt great!  I don’t know if it was the improved nutrition, the excitement of the long ride, or the perfect weather, but I was stronger and faster than ever. It may have been a combination of all three. Whatever the reason(s) it was fun to be faster!

After the ride I headed to the YMCA for a swim stroke clinic that I signed up for. The clinic is every Saturday through mid-May, but I will only be able to make it a handful of times due to travels and other commitments. However, I was pretty disappointed in the 40 minute class. I had hoped for some more intensive coaching, but instead we just did drills. I think the instructor was doing the best she can, but there was a very wide range of abilities in the class and I imagine it was very difficult to help everyone. Lets just say that I was by far the fastest swimmer in the class and no one would ever accuse me of being a speed demon in the pool. It seems some decent swim coaching is going to come with a hefty price tag. First world problems.

I hope everyone else had a lovely Easter weekend. I’ll leave it to the Red Headed Stranger to say goodbye. Happy Monday!


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