Hey there, Delilah



Delilah is my first vintage bike. I finally made her mine this past weekend. It is actually really difficult to find a vintage bike built for a shorter woman. Either ladies were much taller 10+ years ago or those shorties are hoarding their old bikes.That’s why I began stalking a new bike shop in East Austin online almost as soon as they opened.

Windmill Bicycles is owned by a brother and sister and caters to petite gals looking for a vintage ride.

I finally dropped in when my roommate and I were checking out the area. The shop is coincidentally in the neighborhood where we are planning to move in a few months. I tried out the smallest bike that they had out on the floor. It was still just a little too big. But, it was just my luck that they had just gotten in a vintage Miyata frame. They put some wheels and handle bars on it so I could try it out. Perfect fit. What made it even more sweet was that I got to pick out how I wanted the bike to be built, the accessories, and the color for the powder coating. Awesome!

I was a little hesitant at first to give up my road bike style. I like the speed and the lighter weight of my road bike, Roxy. But, I needed something a little better for my daily commute. I’ve been putting a lot of wear and tear on my road bike and I’d rather save her for my long rides and triathlons. Also, sitting in a more hunched over position with a backpack on for 90+ minutes a day isn’t the greatest thing for my back and shoulders. Delilah is slightly heavier than Roxy, but I can still easily carry her up and down the stairs of my apartment. The commuter style handle bars give my back some relief and allow me to see a little bit more of the world around me.

The very best thing about Delilah is that she’s just adorable and I just feel so darn cute riding her. Isn’t that what really matters most? 🙂


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