Time flies when you’re on the run


ImageTime is flying by. Just a couple of weeks ago I felt I had a ton of time to train for my half marathon and now here it is March 1 and the half-mary is March 24! Last weekend I put in my longest run so far since I hurt my knee January of last year. My MapMyRun app measured it at 9.6mi. I actually recently purchased a Soleus GPS watch, but I had only gotten it the day before and didn’t have time to figure out all the buttons. Truthfully, it is still laying untouched on my dresser next to an intimidating looking set of instructions.

The run wasn’t too bad. I finished strong. The back half was about a minute per mile slower than the first half. But, I also ran downhill for about 5 miles then back up hill to finish. That, of course, makes a negative split a little more difficult. I’m aiming for a 9-9:30 min mile pace for this race.

For nutrition I jammed a half a pita with some peanut butter in my pocket and snacked on it at miles 5 and 7. I had kind of wished I had put my Infinit nutrition mix in my water bottle. I’m debating taking some along on race day. I really hate wearing a hydration belt, but I do prefer to drink my calories while running as opposed to eating them. And I really just can’t take GU anymore. That stuff ain’t natural!

I’m glad I was able to get that long run in last weekend because my social calender is quickly filling up and I may not have time for a longer run before race day. March tends to be a pretty fun month around Austin and it is hard to turn down a party invite to go on a long run 🙂

I’ve got a shorter run on tap for this weekend and hopefully a long bike ride. I realized the other day that I don’t believe I’ve clipped in on my bike this year! That just makes me sad. Plus my favorite Austin festival is on Sunday- the Zilker Kite Festival! Spring has arrived (at least in Texas). Have a happy weekend y’all!


2 thoughts on “Time flies when you’re on the run

  1. Mike Taylor

    Impressed! Today is the beginning psychological spring in Kentucky despite the snow I know it won’t last long 🙂 I really hope to ignore my knee pain and get back on my bike when it warms up…encouragement needed!

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