Zumba Terror


I am a firm believer in a healthy dose of  self inflicted humiliation on a consistent basis.  If I didn’t regularly bust my butt in front of large groups of people, accidentally expose myself to strangers through wardrobe malfunctions, or get brutally attacked by birds while just walking down the street I’d have a really boring life.  One of the easiest ways to ensure you receive the optimal amount of humiliation is simply to try something out of your comfort zone in front of other people who excel at the task you are trying for the very first time.

So when a friend who recently joined my gym suggested I try a Zumba class she was fond of I readily agreed.  Of course, I’ve heard of the Zumba craze. It’s supposed to be an energetic and fun aerobic workout. I’ve caught glimpses of the class while heading to Spin and it didn’t look so terrible. Plus, my mother does it. So how bad can it be?

I suppose I imagined the workout would commence with the instructor carefully demonstrating the various dance moves then patiently waiting for the slow kids in the class to catch on.  Ha! Let me tell you, these ladies hopped right into it. They busted out some dance choreography worthy of Beyonce’s Super Bowl half time show.  What’s more is everyone in the room seemed to know exactly which way to shake their booty at exactly the right time.  I just kind of shuffled from side to side wondering if there was a video I should have watched beforehand. A bootylicious instructional guide, maybe? At one point one of the instructors approached me to try to show me the proper way in which to gyrate my hips. Then she just kind of patted me and said I was doing just fine. People only do that when they really pity you.

I’d love to tell you that I had an AH HA moment when I caught on to the choreography and began to enjoy myself.  But no, I really just embarrassed myself publicly for a solid 60 minutes.  Still, I’m really glad my friend asked me to come to class with her.  I would have never given it a shot on my own. I have a new appreciation for people who do Zumba. If you aren’t awkwardly stumbling around off-beat  and you actually know the moves Zumba looks like a really awesome  workout. Mom, I am impressed!

Getting out of your comfort zone always puts things in perspective. My Zumba survival has left me with a renewed sense of confidence. Suddenly, a half-ironman doesn’t look quite so daunting 🙂


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