Training to Travel


Race season is nearly here! It is so close I can almost taste sticky, sweet GU on my tongue. My bank account, fattened over the winter, is ready to be slaughtered by a steady stream of race fees. I CAN’T WAIT!

Since I decided to travel mostly in North America (unless lured away by an irresistible trip overseas ) and I am back into the running game (sort of) I’m thinking about incorporating some half marathons into my trips. Why only running races and not cycling or triathlon, you ask? Two years ago I traveled with my roommate to San Diego for a triathlon. The race was a ton of fun, but both my roommate and I agreed that destination triathlons are very tricky.

Securing the bike rental, shuttling the bike back and forth to the shop, remembering to bring pedals and then remove them when you return the bike (super nice of the shop to mail those back), plus packing everything else needed to compete is just so complicated. I learned the hard way that the TSA gets a little miffed when you pack your CO2 cartridges in your carry on. Turns out those can explode on the plane. Whoopsie. Sure, if I qualified for a major race all that trouble could pay off. Otherwise, I don’t think it is worth the hassle.

For half marathons, however, you just need to remember to throw your shoes in your bag. Even if you forget them it wouldn’t be a huge disaster. Plus, you (hopefully) won’t be too sore and exhausted afterwards to enjoy the rest of the trip.

I’ve already mentioned that I have registered for the Rock n’ Roll Dallas in March. I’m counting that as a travel race even though it is only 3.5 hours away because I am hopping on the Mega Bus ($10 round trip!) on the Friday before the race and catching up with a friend who is a professor at the University of North Texas in Denton. I have never been to Denton, so I am excited to see the UNT campus and some of the local places my friend has discovered.Vancouver

I also just registered for the SeaWheez Lululemon half marathon in Vancouver on August 10 (you get Lululemon shorts!) I am so excited about this one. Vancouver was high on the list of my destination cities for 2013. The average temperature in Vancouver in August is 63 degrees Fahrenheit (17 degrees Celsius) which will seem balmy after being scorched under the hot Texas sun all summer. Hopefully I can get some girlfriends to sign up with me. I would like to spend a few days in Vancouver, then hop the Bolt Bus to Seattle and Portland. A perfect summer trip!

I am also considering signing up for the Rock n’ Roll Las Vegas half marathon in November. I’ve actually never been to Vegas. It doesn’t have a huge appeal to me so I keep holding out for a friend to throw a bachelorette or birthday party there. I’m not much for sitting indoors and losing my money (I prefer the horse track), so running a night race down the strip sounds like my ideal way to experience the city.

Has anyone else participated in these races or some other fun destination races?


2 thoughts on “Training to Travel

  1. I have heard about that Vancouver race! I bet that is a beautiful, scenic course. I plan on running the Rock n Roll Dallas half as well! I have done every year for the past 3 years so it is kind of a tradition that my running buddies and I do together. One of my faves for sure!! I would love to do a race in California – either Big Sur or San Diego!!

    • Yea, the Vancouver race was a little pricey ($128) but I am so darn excited about those Lululemon shorts plus running in 60 degree weather in August! Good luck in the Dallas race! I am also running with friends. You may have seen their picture in the Dallas Morning news recently. My friend’s boyfriend proposed at the end of White Rock half marathon in December. Now my friend thinks she’s getting a diamond at the end of every race šŸ™‚

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