Falling in Love all over Again


love-hate-runningLove can be a fickle feeling. I fell in love with running as a young girl. Although, looking back, it may not have been my love for running that motivated me as much as the exhilaration of beating all the boys on the playground.  A few years ago, I deepened my devotion to running by taking up half marathons and then a full marathon.

Then, I hurt my ACL while skiing. Suddenly running was no longer a part of my life. It took six months of recovery before I could gradually begin pounding the pavement again, but I didn’t get back to it with the same level of affection and devotion.  My first few runs were painfully awkward. I didn’t enjoy it enough anymore to sacrifice my long weekend rides in order to build up my mileage.

It has been a year now since I injured my knee. I have found a new love in cycling and running has certainly taken the back burner to that relationship. But, in just the past few weeks I’ve re-ignited my old flame. I had a beautiful run on the beach this past weekend.  I felt rhythmic once again instead of clumsy. Each mile seemed a little more energizing than the last.

This is good news as I have registered for the Rock n’ Roll Dallas half-marathon on March 24. Today I pulled up my trusty Google calender to map out my weeks of training. I’m actually looking forward to the longer runs! I may never be the same devoted runner I once was, but I feel pretty good about the fact that I registered for a half-mary just one year after a serious knee injury. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!


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