Happy Birthday to Me!


I have now entered the last year of my 20’s. Even my grandma called me old when she called to wish me a Happy Birthday. Geez. But really I’m not sad to usher my 20’s off. As I’ve grown closer to my 30’s I have learned so much about myself and accomplished more than I could have imagined. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for me.


Last night I celebrated with a delightful dinner with some lovely lady friends.  When I looked around the table I was really amazed to have so many incredible girlfriends in my life. Four years ago I celebrated my 25th birthday just two weeks after moving to Austin. I didn’t know anyone when I came to town. A male coworker was nice enough to take me out for some drinks and hot wings with some of his buddies. Now I have a dozen girls in my life who treated me to dinner, brought me wonderful gifts, and laughed at my tale of a harrowing waxing experience earlier that day (no way I’m blogging about that one). My mother was even shocked to find out how many people like me. So much has changed in just a few short years!

Turning 29 has sparked a new fervor in me to check some tasks off my list that I had hoped to tackle before the big 3-0. So being the relentless overachiever that I am, here’s my five goals before I hit the dirty thirty.

1. Learn Spanish (Purchased and using Rosetta Stone)

2. Take dance lessons (took one lesson and trying to talk friends into joining me)

3. Visit new U.S. cities (trip to San Fransisco booked for February)

4. Run another half marathon (registered for Dallas Rock n’ Roll on March 24)

5. Complete a half iron-man (Yikes)

I realize that 30 is just an ambiguous number and none of these goals necessarily need to be accomplished by that time. I just really love making deadlines for myself. Seriously, I have a problem.  Anyways, I promise to keep you posted on my progress this year. Here’s to 29!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. It will be so fun to see you and run with you at the Dallas Rock n Roll Half. I smoked Jacqueline and Josh at the Dallas marathon and I think they are out for revenge. Nearly every run, I get an after account of their stupendous time. They are doing great, I must admit.

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