A Gift of Peace and Quiet


This is how I feel today: Grumpy Cat

I am full on grouchy.  I’m fed up with corporate greed, consumer gluttony, gun rights debates, and political standoffs.  I just can’t stomach any more violence, hatred, and grief. This has been a ridiculously long week and it is only Tuesday! On Friday I am leaving town for my longest holiday vacation in 8 years. I’m heading to my parents’ beach condo in South Texas for a much needed break which will last until January 2nd. My usual bike commute through gridlocked traffic and angry drivers will be replaced by aimless bike rides on the beach. Instead of checking my email and Twitter feed I am going to get lost in the pages of a good book.  This is my Christmas present to myself this year. Anyone else giving themselves some peace and quiet this holiday season?


3 thoughts on “A Gift of Peace and Quiet

  1. Carolyn

    Sounds wonderful! I’m so excited for you to have a real Christmas break at last. Mine will be full of driving so I need to find my iPod quick & get it updated (otherwise we will be listening to Muppet’s Christmas all the way to NOLA). I’m crossing my fingers for no speeding tickets on this break. 🙂

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