Baby It’s Cold Outside


This is my fourth winter in Austin and I must admit I have noticed a dramatic shift in my cold weather tolerance. In 2009, I scoffed at Texans shivering in 40 degree temperatures in the winter. These days, however, I find any sub 60 degree day warrants a jacket. But, now I know that winter is so intolerable in Texas because it is always a complete shock to the system. For example, here I am at the Color Me Rad 5K this past Saturday. It was 10:30am and I was sweating my butt off.

Now here I am this morning, just two days, later getting ready to head to work in 34 degree temperatures.

Okay, it isn’t quite that bad. But, it was so cold last night that my local ladies cycling group, the Biking Betties, became the Baking Betties. Check out our adorable gingerbread houses.


Mine is the one that appears to be a crack house. It is kind of fun for winter to pay a visit right now so it can finally begin to feel like Christmas! And the best news is tomorrow the 60 degree weather returns and we can all go back to enjoying winter in Austin the way it is intended…in shorts and flip flops. Stay warm, my friends!


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