The Big Bike Adventure


A major motivation for my choosing central Europe as the destination for my vacation was to cycle the Danube River path, or Eurovelo 6.  Since it didn’t work out for me to do a long tour with a group I decided to bike 63km from Vienna to Bratislava by myself. I learned something very important about myself along the way. I’m just not a detail person.

The thing is that I’m very decisive. I don’t feel the need to mull over every little aspect if the plan. I just weigh a few pros and cons then decide what I’m going to do and make it work.  Here’s a summary of how that went for me.

Decision: I’m going to bike from Vienna to Bratislava!

Important overlooked detail: So the trek isn’t actually 50 miles down a paved bike path along the Danube as I imagined. I’m going to actually have to look at a map and figure things out.

Decision: I’m going to go completely alone because I am a strong, independent woman!

Important overlooked detail: Somehow I’ve wound up lost on a peninsula because I failed to look at the map. Now I can’t read any of the signs in German and can’t figure out on my own how to get on the right path.

Decision: When I arrive in Bratislava I’m going to just roll on to the train station so I can hop a train to Budapest!

Important overlooked detail(s):  The train station is miles from the trail and the only way to get there is along busy highways. It’s also the scariest train station ever and everyone there appears to want to rob me. Oh and the number of trains transporting bicycles is limited so I won’t be able to return my bike to the shop before catching a night train to Munich.

Details, details. Everything worked out just fine in the end.  The girl at the bike shop printed off a good map for me to follow. I ran into some German ladies cycling through the Black Forest to Bratislava and they helped me get off the peninsula and onto the right path. Then I bumped into a kind gentleman who guided me from the path to the train station where I fortunately did not get robbed. My bike shop was also very understanding about the whole train thing and let me drop my bike off at my hostel to be picked up the next day. It is safe to say that I wouldn’t have made it this far in life if not for the kindness of strangers 🙂
Overall, the trip was wonderful. The scenery was serene and beautiful. I biked through some lovely little towns. And 63km was the perfect distance to go it alone.  An unforgettable adventure indeed!

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