Europe on Two Wheels


When I first began to plan my trip to Europe last fall I intended to do a week long bike trek from Prague to Vienna with a touring group. That didn’t pan out. Instead I decided to see Prague and Vienna solo and make a shorter bike journey to Bratislava from Vienna. It is about a 63km trip down the Eurovelo 6 along the Danube River. My adventure was absolutely perfect.

It all began in Prague. You never run out of things to look at and take pictures of in this city. I arrived early Thursday morning and spent that day and Friday just walking around wonderfully lost in the winding alleys and cobblestone roads. By Friday my feet were killing me. I had the notion that Prague wasn’t going to be a great city for cycling in. I saw a few bikes on the roads, but not many. Drivers seemed to be really aggressive and the crooked streets can be really tricky to navigate. But, since I couldn’t bear to hoof it anymore I thought I’d give it a shot. So glad I did! I fell in love with Prague on two wheels!

The bike shop gave me a handy bike map and highlighted my route to my destination, Letna Park, and a few other sights to see. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of bike paths. I was on the road for only about 15 minutes when I came across a parade of cyclists crossing the river. It was fantastic. There were hundreds of people riding road bikes, mountain bikes, and recumbent bikes. I even saw scooters. I joined in the pack and learned this is a monthly demonstration to promote cycling in Prague. Awesome!

After making a couple loops with the parade I embarked again toward my original destination: Letna Park. After a steep climb to the park entrance I was rewarded by a gorgeous afternoon at the park. The views are breathtaking. Biking along the trails provided much needed respite from the crowded cobblestone roads in the city center. This day was by far my favorite day in Prague and perhaps of my entire trip. Next stop: Vienna!

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