Well, it’s not West Nile Virus…


Today a doctor told me he doubted I’d finish my triathlon on Monday. Why? Because I found out I have strep throat. Here’s how that conversation went:

Me: So, I have a triathlon on Monday. Do you think I will be well enough in time to compete?
Doctor: Which event is first?
Me: Swimming.
Doctor: Oh good, you probably won’t get too tired then and drown. But, there will be a lot of boats in the water in case you need to be rescued, right?

He didn’t even crack a smile. I’m pretty sure he was serious. Well I have four days to recover. Could be worse. I kind of thought I had West Nile Virus.

Meantime, I am doing my best to be restful. Remember how I was freaking out about tapering? Well now I’m going completely stir crazy. Has anyone else ever found out they were injured or sick days out from a competition?


5 thoughts on “Well, it’s not West Nile Virus…

  1. trikatykid

    My friend Harold at http://aveteranrunnah.com/ is struggling through a period of much-needed rest. Maybe it’s the end of the season.. we all need a break.

    I was training for the Disney Marathon in 2009 and the month leading up to it, I had a constant horrible sinus infection like nothing I have ever experienced in all my life. It was near impossible to train and I was tired all the time like I had chronic fatigue or something.

    As it turned out .. the bedroom I was renting at the time had mold. I had lived there from August – January. Symptoms picked up pretty seriously when it started to get cold – when I had to shut my bedroom window. Trapping me inside with all the spores.

    When I moved out shortly after the marathon, my symptoms cleared up within a couple weeks. And when I moved my humidifier, which had a brand new filter in it – the sight was just unbelievable.

    So .. I do know what it’s like to run a race while sick. Fortunately for you you’ll be on the mend by then. 4 days on antibiotics should at least make a dent. I assume you’re on antibiotics?

    Good luck!! Have fun. And don’t let it it go to your head. Everything happens for a reason. 🙂

    • Yes to drugs! Other than fatigue, I’m not feeling too bad. And you are right…being under the weather will make it easier for me to take it easy and not spend my weekend out in the sun before the tri.

  2. bgddyjim

    It’s been a while since my last sideline for injury – a pulled plantaris muscle… I had to wait to get to my doctor for a few days (we were at the in-law’s house) so I ended up with three days off… Drove me nuts. When I got to the doctor he told me to get on the bike immediately if not sooner so I felt lucky there. I feel your pain. With being sick, I only have ever taken one, maybe two days off – I ride through the rest until I feel better. Maybe not very smart, but whatever. Good luck getting back.

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