Pre-Race Freakout


I’ve read somewhere that the toughest thing for athletes to learn is tapering. I believe it. It just doesn’t make sense. You bust your butt to get ready for your event and then just when the day draws close and you start to get nervous about whether you have adequately trained you are supposed to kick your feet up?

I struggled last week with a bit of training fatigue. I didn’t feel up for riding my bike back and forth to work until Thursday. I just couldn’t muster the will to wake up for Masters swim at 6am on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. But, with the TriRock Austin olympic tri now just one week away, I really don’t have much time to waste.

To make up for it a friend and I did our own mini training-tri on Saturday. We biked 3 miles to Barton Springs pool and swam 1 mile. Then we ran a 10k around Town Lake and biked 3 more miles home. I felt pretty good the whole way. The only exception was when I cracked heads with a man in Barton Springs. I could have dealt without that mild concussion, but it is always good to be reminded to sight frequently. The 10k run was my longest since my knee injury and I felt no pain during or post-run. Awesome!

This week I planned to pick back up with my Masters swim. I dragged my butt out of bed at 5:15am this morning and rolled down there just to find out that the pool is closed this week for renovations. Now if only I hadn’t been so lazy last week I would have known this important detail! So the training plan this week is:

Monday: Bike commute + weight training

Tuesday: Bike commute+ 5 mile run + spin class

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Rest (maybe yoga)

Friday: Open water swim (1/2mi or 1 mile…I can’t decide)

Saturday: Bike ride, or maybe I should rest….all this rest is stressing me out

Sunday: Rest for SURE! + stretching and foam rolling

Monday: TRI TIME!!

See my dilemma? The closer I get to the tri the more anxiety I feel about relaxing. Anyone have any good tapering tips to share?  I found this article to be helpful.


5 thoughts on “Pre-Race Freakout

  1. bgddyjim

    For anything less than a half iron man, marathon or 150 mile bike ride, don’t. Last year (and this spring) I ran an Olympic bike leg every Saturday. I recovered just fine…and I was riding every day. I’m going on 13 days in a row now (only a couple of runs though – huge bike miles) and I’m finally ready for a day off. Tapering, IMHO, is over-rated.

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