One Tough Tri


As far as triathletes go I’m probably on the mild side of the Type A spectrum. For example, instead of spending the day prior to my latest race checking off each item in my gear bag, stretching, and carefully hydrating I threw my tri stuff in a back pack and took off for a day of swimming and wine tasting with friends.

Driftwood Winery with the girls

My excuse for being so nonchalant about my latest race was that it was a super sprint. Of course, in the back of my mind I knew I was downplaying the Lost Pines Triathlon in Bastrop, TX. My first half marathon was held in Bastrop and I will never forget those hills.

I tried to play it cool when the race director began the pre-race meeting by welcoming us to the “toughest tri in Texas.” And I totally acted like it was hilarious that I got seeded in the number 2 spot for the swim because I entered my 100 meter time instead of my 200 meter time.  But, I was actually pretty nervous.

The swim was a 200 meter snake style pool swim. I removed myself from the front of the line with the fish and relocated myself amongst the four minute 200 meter swimmers. I still made the mistake of getting in front of three guys who I just knew were going to pass me. I tried really hard during the swim to remember the techniques I worked on in my Masters swim class. But, I got pretty distracted when those guys behind me came barreling over top of me.  Then the choppy water in the pool from all the swimmers kind of psyched me out.  Fortunately, it was only 200 meters. I finished in 5:24.

Now if I wouldn’t have been such a nonchalant competitor maybe I would have looked at the bike course elevation and trained with some hill repeats. Instead I thought, “meh, I do some hills everyday on my work commute.” Although I don’t know that anything could have really prepped me for this bike course. It was brutal. I saw alot of folks walking up some hills, several fixing flats, and heard of a few broken chains. Despite the fact that I felt like I was going to vomit while cranking up a couple of the hills, I felt pretty good at the end of the ride. Looking back, I think I  could have made up some time by going a little faster down the hills. I hung back a little due to the curvy, bumpy, damp roads. I did 16 miles in 1:00:52 with a 15.8 mi/hr pace.

The 3.4 mile run course to me back onto part of the bike course so I already knew what I was in for. I worried a little about my knee on the steep down hills. It felt good, though, to “chick” a few guys going uphill. I don’t know if I could have pushed much harder on this run. My body was tired. I finished in 33.45 with a 9:55 average pace.

My finishing time was 1:41:39. I wound up 4th in my AG, 11th for women, and 55th overall. I’m not usually too hard on myself after a race since I really just like to go out and have fun. This time, though, I admit I was pretty bummed to get so close to taking home a medal. I was only about 3 minutes behind the 3rd place finisher in my AG. The one event I did excel at in this race was transition. I was number one in my AG for T1 and T2. Guess I’m a fierce competitor when it comes to changing clothes.

The Lost Pines Triathlon is definitely a race I will do again next year. It was a smaller race and very well organized by Redemption Race Productions. I highly recommend their events. Most importantly, I had a great time challenging myself on the course and hanging out with some friends afterwards. Maybe next year I’ll put my game face on and take home some hardware 🙂 Click here to see the 2012 results.

Well earned post-race beers


5 thoughts on “One Tough Tri

    • Well there really weren’t very many people out there other than the families and friends of competitors because it was all inside the Bastrop State Park. But, two spectators did hook me up with a beer so I’d say that was better than our Zooma experience!

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