Mastering Swimming…and Mathmatics


Who knew swimming required so much math? If there is one thing that causes me more anxiety than swimming it’s numbers. Even just basic addition and subtraction can incite a feeling of panic. This morning I got a double dose of angst with a swim/math combo during my first Masters Swim class at the YMCA.

First, I realized I forgot how far the length of the pool is (I’ve been focused on open water training).  So when the instructor told me to swim three 100’s I was stumped.  Then, I kept forgetting how many laps I had completed. Plus, I became confused about how many times to multiply my sets of laps by.  On top of that, the instructor kept asking me to breathe every three strokes. So I not only had to count the laps,  then multiply the sets of laps, but I also had to count my strokes to breathe.  Did I mention this was all at 6am? I was a wreck.

But there were some good aspects of the morning. I liked that it was a really small group and no one snickered at my slow swimming or the fact that I can only breathe on one side. I also appreciated that the instructor was really patient and gave me some great pointers for improving my stroke. This is going to be a tough month of training. Swimming does not come naturally for me and I tend to get very frustrated when I can’t pick something up quickly. But, I’m excited about the idea of improving my swim times. And who knows, maybe I will hone my math skills along the way 🙂


6 thoughts on “Mastering Swimming…and Mathmatics

  1. Gary Janicke

    Go Megan! I’m very excited that you are working on both. Also focus on percentages. They are as eccential as writing skills, especially at the store. My love knows no bounds.

  2. I still lose track of where I am in a set. I now count the repeat number as my left hand enters and the lap number as my right hand enters. For instance ( and a really simple example) would be counting of a 2x50yd set: I will count off with left-right as “1-1,1-1,1-1, flip,1-2,1-2,1-2, rest, begin second repeat 2-1,2-1,2-1, flip, 2-2,2-2,2-2, rest. Works for me. If my mind wanders, I can usually remember what I was just counting out .

  3. First – thanks for a great laugh! I have the WORST time keeping track of my laps. I finally caved in, and went to Lane Four Swim Shop (up on 183 & Burnet Rd) and got a little finger-ring lap-counter. You wear it on your index finger, and push the ONLY button with your thumb on each lap. Then, when I lose track I can just look at my hand. It is small, and doesn’t get in the way at all. One of my best investments ever!

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