The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music!


Sunday I finished my second triathlon of 2012 and it might have been a total bust if not for some good friends and The Sound of Music.

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music!

Let me explain. The tri was the Marble Falls Triathlon which is nicknamed, “The One with the Hills!” I knew it was going to be tough, but I tried not to get too psyched out about it.

The night before the tri I went to a free summer musical in Austin’s Zilker Park. This season the  performance is The Sound of Music. Even though I had to leave during intermission to get plenty of sleep before my 4:30am wake up call I had a great time with friends. Little did I realize I would retain some musical numbers that would prove very valuable during the tri.

The triathlon started out beautifully. The morning was cloudy and cool. The pristine view of Lake Marble Falls calmed any nerves I had.

Lake Marble Falls

But, halfway through the swim my eyes started burning badly. I thought maybe my anti-fog wasn’t properly cleaned out of my goggles. So, when I ran out of the water I wiped my eyes out and thought that would be the end of it. For whatever reason I neglected to put on my sunglasses. As soon as I got onto the bike course I knew my eye issue was much worse than some anti-fog residue. The pain and burning were excruciating.  After a few miles I resolved in my mind that there was no way I was quitting the tri because of a stupid eye problem. So, I decided I was just going to have to find a way to get my mind off the pain and keep going. That’s when The Sound of Music came to mind. I just decided to focus on a few of my favorite things. Except my chorus was changed to, “When the swim sucks, when my eye stings, when I’m feeling bad…” Okay, I won’t quit my day job. But, that managed to occupy me for about 10 miles. I was still pretty upset when I got off the bike course because I felt that my pain and distraction had cost me a lot of time. But, fortunately that’s when I ran into my wonderful cheering section of friends who were there to cheer me through the run. Check it out, they’re so sweet!

I actually felt really strong during the 4.4 mile run, which was very exciting considering that it was my longest run since my knee injury. A couple more hiccups- I got stuck at a red light in traffic during the bike. Yikes! I also couldn’t seem to find the run out and did an extra lap around transition. Whoops! Still, I didn’t wind up performing as badly as I imagined.

Here’s a look at how I ended up:

Overall place: 184

Age Division place: 5

Gender place: 59

1k Swim time: 26:15

23 mi bike time: 1:27:52

4.4 mi run time: 40:57

Plus, my eye is already improving, I enjoyed a great day with friends, and some well deserved post-tri pie from the Bluebonnet Cafe!

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6 thoughts on “The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music!

  1. Billy_Trip

    Way to go, Bubbles! You looked awesome on the course, and it’s great to see that your knee is doing better! Take care of that eye!

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