New Adventures Ahead!


I’m still here! Life has been a little insane lately so blogging fell to the wayside, but I have some exciting new developments. First of all, a new job.  I have been searching for quite sometime and have been ready for a change. Now I am leaping into a whole new career. The new gig also comes with “normal people” hours. That’s right, I’ll be workin’ 9 to 5.

I’m looking forward to the change from my late night schedule, but it will cut back on my tri training time. Right now I have about four hours every morning to swim, bike, run. I also bike 16 miles home every night. Now my work commute will be cut in half and I’ll have to work a little harder to balance training time and playing time. Not that I am complaining! New adventure here I come!

Speaking of new adventures….meet the new ride.

I decided to add a mountain bike to my expanding fleet. Sad to say I’ve only had her out twice due to the current life insanity. And she still doesn’t have a name 😦 I’m leaning toward Cherry Bomb, a friend’s suggestion. What do you think?

Other than that, I’ve tried running a few more times. While I haven’t increased my distance much I can feel that I am getting stronger. I also swam my first mile of the year.  Who Hoo! Sights are set on the Lake Pflugerville Triathlon in June.


One thought on “New Adventures Ahead!

  1. Gary Janicke

    Now I feel like I’m more in-the-loop. I was beginning to feel like in was in the movie “Ground Hog Day”.

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