The Fight for Women in Marathons


Monday’s Boston Marathon will mark the 40th anniversary of women being allowed to enter the race.  Can you imagine that just 4 decades ago women were banned? Check out this PBS video about a woman, Kathrine Switzer, who actually crashed the race 5 years prior. She finished in 4 ours 20 minutes, but was nearly dragged off the course by the race director. This article also has a lot of great history about women and marathons.  I had no idea female athletes were kept from competing based on the belief that their bodies were not strong enough to withstand the 26.2 mile run.

My first half marathon was a Zooma women’s race. For me, racing would be incomplete without the camaraderie and  support network among female competitors.  Are any of you ladies running Boston on Monday? Anyone doing anything special to commemorate the anniversary?


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