Introducing Spring 2012’s new, sexy fashion accessory


Lesser joints have been stealing the spotlight for far too long. Spring 2012 is all about the knee. The Austin Sports Medicine knee brace, pictured above, draws the eye to front and center of the kneecap and accentuates its sex appeal. The basic black slims the leg while the hard plastic shell gives you the modern, almost futuristic look, that’s all the rage this season. The knee brace is the must-have accessory for all fashion forward men and women this Spring. Don’t miss out on the trend!

Alright, I may be exaggerating slightly. But, I received some news I would have rather not heard from the doctor and physical therapist today and I didn’t want to just whine about it. So I won’t get to compete in any triathlons as soon as I would like (first world problem). I won’t get to even start running until mid-April (Boo-hoo). Plus, I received this snazzy brace that just isn’t what I was picturing (waaaayyyy more awesome, right?!).

Oh well, I’m learning (slowly but surely) that much of life isn’t going to go according to my carefully laid plans. Guess I should hang on to my sense of humor.


7 thoughts on “Introducing Spring 2012’s new, sexy fashion accessory

  1. Billy_Trip

    Personally, I think it’ll make you look… taller.

    But seriously, you’ll be fine… just because your schedule changes doesn’t mean your plan is completely ruined. And look at it this way… by the time you’re healed up and ready to roll, Mary and I may be ready to compete in a Half Iron Man with you.

    You’ve got this… there’s no doubt in my mind.

  2. Rachel

    Your attitude about this is awesome. I hope if I’m ever in your situation that I can take it with the same amount of grace and humor that you have. Love your blog, and I look forward to every post!

  3. Jennifer Glick

    I blew out my knee in 2004, and it was really tough mentally making it through post-op and a year of rehab, especially since all my friends were skiing and mountain biking while I was laid up and limping. Ultimately, though, the whole experience has gotten smaller in my rear view mirror. In the entire timeline of my life, it was just a side light. But it sure is hard when you’re in the thick of it!

    • That’s a good way to think about it…in the rear view mirror. Things can certainly seem like a huge deal when you are in the moment, but you get a little bit more perspective down the road. Thanks for reading!

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