How to Fall without Failing


I discovered another improvement in my cycling today. My falling is getting much better. You may be wondering how I can count falling down as a success. Well I grade myself on a pretty steep curve.

But, when you are on your bike often and riding with clipless pedals falling is bound to happen so I figure you might as well get good at it. Check out this video of a sweet girl trying out her clipless pedals for the first time. First of all, I adore her lime green knee pads. I also love the look of sheer distress on her face before she takes off and the good laugh she has after going down.

The first time I fell while clipped in I toppled over onto a fellow rider at a red light. I flopped around on the ground like a fish on dry land for what seemed like an eternity while the light turned green and drivers honked and hollered. When I finally freed my foot from the pedal I had a banged up knee and badly bruised pride.

Today was a similar scenario. I was stopped at a red light and still clipped in on one side when I lost my balance. Thankfully I didn’t flop over on my new cycling buddy. One should never smother a budding friendship. I did, however, manage to imbed some gravel into my hand. But, the difference this time was that I kept my wits about me and knew to unfasten my foot from my shoe instead of trying to unclip the shoe from the pedal while on the ground. I popped back up quickly and only slightly humiliated. It’s possible my pride is also getting used to the beatings. But still, improvement! I’m counting it as such anyways.

Safe riding!


4 thoughts on “How to Fall without Failing

  1. That clip gets filed under “what were you thinking?”. Tip number one for riding with clipless pedals: Learn to ride first, then mess with the pedals – in the front yard, not on the road. That was crazy, she didn’t even make a quarter revolution before she was down.

    • Very true! Here in Austin we are fortunate enough to have a veloway. That’s the only place I clipped in for a long time…away from traffic and surrounded by other cyclists who have all experienced the same falls.

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