Insanity and Inspiration


As a television journalist I’ve found crazy people really make for the most compelling stories.

I recently read an article about a local firefighter who is training to be the first woman to run a full marathon in her firefighter gear.  She is training for the Livestrong Austin Marathon on February 19, 2012. My first thought as a television producer was the great video we could shoot of her during her training. My first thought as someone who has run a marathon was, this woman is nuts.

Then I read a little more about Rachel Zambrano’s story and started following her blog. Turns out, Rachel is crazy for a cause. She’s taken on this incredible feat to raise donations for a scholarship fund in honor of fallen Cedar Park, TX officer Leonard Reed. The scholarship money helps send high school graduates to police and fire schools. Listening to Rachel talk about Leonard and the impact he made on the lives of others, I’ve no doubt her dedication to this cause will help carry her through to the finish line. To understand why Rachel is going to such extremes for her cause you should really get the story in her own words.

Here is Rachel’s blog.

Here is her KEYE TV interview.

Even after you know more about the source of Rachel’s motivation you’ll probably still think she’s crazy. I do! But, I also deeply admire her dedication to her friend and the scholarship fund that is in his honor. Click here to find out more about the Leonard Reed scholarship fund and how you can donate.   Good luck Rachel!


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