How an apple made my ACL injury all better


I spent a good part of my morning today talking ACL. Not this one, unfortunately.

This one.

I learned today from my doctor that a piece of bone that my ACL is attached to has cracked and is loose. The good news is that because my injury is almost a month old and has improved on its own he doesn’t want to do surgery just yet. The bad news is, no running for at least a month. This will probably keep me from competing in any triathlon event in April. The doctor recommended shooting for a competition in June or July.

After hearing this news, I walked to nearby Central Market and bought the most delicious apple I have ever eaten. Seriously. It was an organic Pinata apple. It was so sweet and crisp and juicy. You should totally try one. I had some time to kill before catching the bus to work, so I walked on a nice little trail behind the store and ate my delightful apple. I thought about getting bummed because my plans are dashed and now I’ll have to reconfigure my Google calendar (S*** Type A people say).  Then, I realized that if this news is the worst of my troubles and I can still walk around and enjoy such a tasty apple, life can’t be too bad. So for now, I’ll just keep swimming, and cycling, and eating yummy apples, and focusing my energy on all the things I CAN do.

How do you stay positive when you get some disappointing news?

P.S. Ironically my co-worker, KEYE TV anchor Judy Maggio, also blogged today about staying positive after suffering from injuries. Click here to read “Wounded Workout Warrior.” Thank you, Judy, for sharing a very clever and humorous perspective!


9 thoughts on “How an apple made my ACL injury all better

  1. Megan, you are a natural blogger! This is amazing. I am so happy that you have such a well-crafted “voice” already. You are well on your way to creating a visible and sought after spot for information on triathlons. I am really excited to learn more! Keep up the superb work and let me know if you have any questions! –Jill

  2. jenniferkglick

    I feel your pain! I ruptured my ACL several years ago, and went from 60 to zero almost instantly. I wasn’t so good with the positivity and patience back then, but the experience was instrumental in developing the sense of perspective I have now. Six months into rehabbing my knee, it seemed like it would never end. Several years on, and that year of intense rehab feels like just a little blip.

    Speedy (and complete) healing wishes!

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