My Proudest Day


Today is my proudest day as a cyclist. Not because I won a medal, set a personal record, or even participated in a race. Nope, this moment of cycling success was actually achieved off of my bike.

I finally changed a tire all by myself. That’s right, up until this day all of my flat fixing ventures have ended in wailing and gnashing of teeth and a downtrodden trek to the bike shop (conveniently located within walking distance of my apartment). That is, unless I’ve been on a group ride and one of my male companions has taken pity on me and lent a hand while I watched intently and promised to repay the kindness with cold beer.

But that is not okay with me! I’ve been so ashamed with my inability to fix my own flat. I am an independent woman, after all!  My flat fixing failure is not from lack of knowledge.  I’ve observed many roadside repairs and watched numerous YouTube videos while trying on my own. It’s just that something always goes wrong.  Like last night, when I just almost had the tire back on and I managed somehow to put a hole in my new tube. GRRR!

So this morning I decided it may be time to invest in some new tires.  After purchasing two new tires on sale, restocking my supply of tubes and CO2 cartridges, and giving myself a reassuring pep talk, I got down to business.  And what do you know, I did it! I put that tire on without even shedding a tear! It was actually amazingly easy which makes me think part of my trouble can be blamed on my old, beat up tire.  But, never mind that. Today I am a REAL cyclist…ready to take on the world and all the flat tires that come with it!

What about you guys? Anyone else out there have any woes from the road to share?


11 thoughts on “My Proudest Day

  1. Sam Dick

    Way to go Megan! I’ve been in triathlon 5-years, and still not sure how to change the tire.
    Embarrassing! Any races coming up for you?

    • Hey Sam! Well I am hoping to go for a half-iron this year (YIKES) but I haven’t picked one just yet. I never did hear what you thought of the Cap Tex tri in Austin last year. And did you by any chance do the TriRock San Diego in Oct? I swear I saw you run past me.

  2. Andy

    2 weeks ago I wrecked my motorcycle going 60 from 183 N onto Mopac N. Thrashed the crap out of it more-so than myself luckily. Since then I’ve rebuilt it (all by hand myself in the parking garage of my apt complex) to 90% as new and will soon have it complete, better than the day I got it! May not be a standard bike, but a bike nonetheless! Congrats on your achievement!

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