Cleared for Cycling!


I saw my doctor at Austin Sports Medicine for the first time this week and had some x-rays done.

He examined my knee and explained some damage I may have done to my meniscus and mentioned the possibility of a stretched ACL (but not likely torn) and something about some bone floating around in my knee (freaky!). So he wants to do and MRI to find out more about the injury.

He told me no running in the meantime. That’s disappointing. However, I am cleared for cycling. Whoo Hoo! My roommate had a good point that swimming and cycling are the events I need to work on the most anyways.  It’s all about staying positive!20120131-233317.jpg

This weekend I changed things up from my usual routine of doing a long run or bike ride on Saturday. Instead I went for a swim in an outdoor pool in South Austin that’s heated by a hot spring. Typically I go to Stacy Pool on weekday mornings, so it was a little more crowded than I’m used to. I still had a nice swim and worked on some drills. I also got to snap a picture of this on my bike ride over. Pretty cool!



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