Peddling and Patience


While I wait for my appointment with a sports injury specialist to learn exactly what damage I’ve done to my knee I’m doing my best to take it easy…really I am. Sort of. It’s just that Austin is blessed with such wonderful winter weather (warm and sunny) and sitting still just really isn’t my thing.

Typically I bike home from work about 17 miles each night. But, since the ski accident I’ve only used my bike to get to the Metro Rail on the way to work and to the bus stop after work. Basically, I’ve cut my daily bike commute down from about 20 miles to 5.

However, last night my bus already had the max number of bikes on board (2) and the next bus wasn’t going to arrive for another 30 minutes. So, I decided to bike about 8 miles to catch a different bus route.

The ride felt amazing. The night was cool and crisp, but not cold. I love cycling in the darkness on my quiet residential route. Shoal Creek has a delightfully wide bike lane that snakes through central Austin. The peaceful trek is just one of the many reasons I adore my city.

So one positive note to my injury, I will appreciate my strong healthy legs more than ever once they’re both back in full working order. Unfortunately, I’m paying for my impatience today with a more noticeable limp than yesterday. *Sigh.

Update:  After saving a draft of this blog and getting off the train, I discovered my bike has a flat. Guess I’ll learn this patience thing one way or another 🙂


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