Leveling Up On The Long Runs


I love this blogger’s goal of  running a marathon in every state and on every content by the time he’s 50. Awesome!  This post also reminded me of my first post reflecting on how far along I’ve come in my training. Looking forward to reading more on the 50 marathon quest.

50 Marathon Quest

My original plan was to do 15 yesterday and 10 today. However, I was completely and totally fried from the week so I ended up sleeping until early afternoon yesterday. By the time I got up the snow was coming down hard and I just didn’t feel like running, so I got lunch with Amy and slept until dinner.

There was no new snow in Boston today, but plenty of clouds and future snow gloom. And it was cold again. But I suited up and went for it. Rather than start around the Charles River, I went across the Mass Ave bridge to Beacon and ran six or so miles until North Beacon turned into 20. I then hooked around on the river and did the long stretch all the way back to the Museum of Science. I finished hard with plenty of spring in my legs the last two…

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