The first Tri


I bought my first road bike just last year. She had a wild paint job and a need for speed. I named her Ziggy.

The Craigslist posting caught my eye because it was for a women’s specific Trek that was actually my size (I’m 5’2″)and in my price range ($200)

My first road bike


I recall taking her for a test ride and getting a little freaked out about how fast and smooth she road compared to my cruiser (Blue Betty). Now 1 year later, I use Ziggy as my main means of transportation around Austin.  I’ve also competed in 2 triathlons and have now set my sights on a half iron in 2012. I also bought an even faster racing bike, named Roxy.

New training bike

You can come a long way in just 1 year. That’s what I try to explain to people who feel intimidated by triathlon and cycling. I’m pretty nervous about training for a half iron, but I know how much I was able to accomplish in a matter of months with some hard work and persistence. Trust me, if you would have spotted me floundering and gasping for air in the pool last spring (or more likely crying at the edge) you would have never thought I now swim a mile with ease. Here’s to the new adventure ahead!

Crossing the finish line


11 thoughts on “The first Tri

  1. Good for you, Megan. It’s always good to see hard work and sacrifice pay off! I’ve been debating for awhile, and after a little goading, I’ve decided to get serious about training for my first tri… I’ve got the running and biking parts down (minus a good racing bike… still working on that one)… it’s the swimming that I have to work on… but I’m definitely much better than I was a year ago.

    Keep it up… we’ll be there cheering you on when race time comes.

    • I really wanted to do Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas April 1st, but since I’ve had to scale back my training for a few weeks I am considering one in Marble Falls April 29th. What I really have my heart set on is just an event that’s flat! I’m open in any suggestions for races in Texas. Thanks for reading my blog. I’m looking forward to reading more about your training!

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